How it all started

FAIYA was founded in Philadelphia by Radhi Fernández, a Dominican gastronome and hot sauce enthusiast who started experimenting out of a love for food, and with the help of his wife, Mónica, they developed the company's first hot sauce made from home in 2020.

In the beginning it was just a way to make use of the extra time the pandemic had provided them with, but it rapidly turned into so much more.

FAIYA has become a hot sauce lab with a wide variety of unique products, all of them vegan, sugar free, and without artificial additives or preservatives.

A recipe based on our roots and heritage...

"When it came to developing a recipe, I wanted to make something that represented the flavors I grew up eating in the Caribbean. My first hot sauce, Summer Sweat Heat, has a strong connection to my roots, it's made with tropical ingredients like Lime, Pineapple, and Garlic, and Mónica's Mexican heritage brought the spicy side to the recipes developed.

This connection is the base FAIYA builds upon"